Glossary additions

Can the following words and definitions be included to the glossary please? ticket, pull request, reference application module, mentor, sprint

Can you describe your query including links to your query where possible. Are you trying to add glossary into concept dictionary?

Trying to add words to the glossary.

Have you tried to check if the word exist in the glossary. if not you can update the glossary cc. @jwnasambu

I will embark on the documentation tasks at night.

cc I loisnaki since we do have a bunch of words,for some simply googling just gives you the meaning!

@herbert24 i think she meant openmrs glossary and i think openmrs glossary word definition on a next extent, words in glossary will differ from just googling . so just googling words may have 30%

I checked and the words are not in the not know glossary. Because I don’t know what they mean I can’t add them.

@herbert24 and @jennifer May I have access to Trello Board so that I can help in the documentation process?

Many thanks,


Hi @loisnaki! Please click on this link and follow the instructions to join the board. I’ve also sent you an invitation via email.