Global Navbar in Dashboard doesn't seem to have UI to add/remove links

So I’m reviewing @plypy’s Pull Request for global navbar…which is merged. However, one thing missing is there doesn’t seem to be anything on the admin page for Global Navbar to add links to the navbar…this should be there…this is out of the scope for the ticket that he was addressing with the PR…I would propose that we allow people to add links via the admin ui and also delete them ideally…It’s didn’t seem to be part of the UI prior to his PR.

Opinions @michael and @elliott?

Actually… there is…

First you need to be a member of dashboard-administrators, and then click admin button on the navigation bar(not globalnavbar), there will be a list with Global Navigation in it, and click it.

And the path is /admin/globalnav

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The box is where I expect to see:

  • Name URL and a button to add another if no URL exists
  • If a URL already exists I should be able to edit it and optionally delete it.

@michael, close this – issue is resolved

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