GitHub pull request template for openmrs-core

Hello all,

I just added a pull request template for the radiology module

This will make it easier for contributors and especially new ones. They just have to fill in the JIRA issue number and fill in a description of what the PR is about. It also provides a little checklist of common things I see are almost always missing! (one commit, based on latest master branch, tests, run build and ensure formatting changes are in the commit, …)

Do you want me to create a ticket+PR for openmrs-core for some more pull request harmony :sunny: ?

see github feature


Haven’t looked closely, but I think this is a brilliant idea, and it makes sense to bring this good practice to OpenMRS core also.

-Darius (by phone)

created a ticket I’ll create a PR after it has been assessed :slight_smile:

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Assessed! Nice idea!

done at

Nice – I’m not gonna create one for all other repos I’m responsible for – I see no point – sometimes I don’t want to have it as one…I can manually squash commits myself and merge it by hand.

the PR template checklist is just a text guide (mainly aimed at new contributors), so you can of course still create PRs with multiple commits. you could also create your own template without the checklist or a different one. it at least helps the lazy me not having to type the jira issue link again and again :wink:

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