Git IDE Integration

Hi all,

I am having some difficulty with the Git IDE Integration. I have successfully installed eclipse 4.14 and everything above the Checkout the Core from Github step.

I am having trouble specifically within the Git IDE Integration instructions when I try to associate this project with Git by “Right clicking on project and select Team->Share Project”, I do not see “Share Project” under “Team” menu option. Is there another way to do this on the command line? Do I have something installed incorrectly? Or am I using the wrong version of Eclipse?

If anyone has any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

can this be of help to you

Thank you for the response. I went through the steps of that page and completed everything besides the Git IDE integration on this page:

If you scroll almost to the bottom of that page I am stuck on the last step.

@ankerj I am having this same problem as well. @herbert24 I have followed the link you shared, but for some reason the “Team” option does not have a “Share” option. I’ve been searching for an alternative, but haven’t found any insight. Has anyone else had and been able to overcome this?

It turns out that the last step on is perhaps not necessary on newer versions of eclipse. @ankerj and I had our projects already synced to GitHub from the initial cloning process. For this reason, there is no “share” option and instead we have the ability to pull, fetch, push, etc. enabled without completing this step.

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@dedrickt and @ankerj kindly shade some light on what you want. Honestly, I haven’t understood your blocker well!

@rainbow do we have some thing here we could capture as we go on to update the documentation cc @jennifer

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@jwnasambu It turns out that we did not actually have a blocker. We were confused because we were unable to follow a step in the instructions, but the reason we were unable to is because we had already been synced to github from a previous step. Thank you for your help. @herbert24 if you are interested in including anything in documentation, I don’t think there was any trouble with the instructions as a whole. But, for us it would have been helpful just to know how we can check if we are in fact synced with the github repository because that step was redundant for us since we already completed it earlier on.

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cc @rainbow

@herbert24, not sure if this is within the scope of my project. But will look into it. If it is simple to update the wiki, I will find time to do it.

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