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(Reagan patrick Makoba) #1

i am having issues when i am contributing through eclipse ide…After i make the relevant changes in the code and I go to git bash to review differences I notice that there are changes that ocurred yet I didnt change any of them which am suspecting is causing the travis ci fails on my contributions…An example is here of the changes i submitted… . I only changed the 2 neccesaary dependencies but got all the other repetetive delete and insertion codes that are similar…I have configured my eclipse to follow the openmrs style…Am now wondering if it could be some specific setting in my ide that might be causing this problem.Plus the tavis failure error log shows that i have a missing license header in the pom.xml which I actually have…thanks in advance for the help @k.joseph @dkayiwa @mozzy @ruhanga

(Nathan Ruhanga) #2

You may want to turn off the formatting feature for the sake of the changes you are interested in making which I believe are related with the pom file.

(Reagan patrick Makoba) #3

how do I do this?

(Nathan Ruhanga) #4

This may be helpful @reagan


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