Getting the word out on GSoC 2017

Now that accepted students have been announced by Google for GSoC 2017, we should get the word out about our incredible class of 2017. I wasn’t able to reach @harsha89 or @k.joseph via Telegram (I know it’s late for them), so I took the liberty to update our SoC 2017 page and have drafted an blog announcement on their behalf.

@jeffneiman – could you review the blog post draft announcing GSoC 2017 students (especially verifying spelling of names by comparing to to make sure I haven’t overlooked a typo)? If it looks good to you, go ahead and publish the blog post and then let’s get out a tweet like “GSoC 2017 Students Announced!” with a link to the blog post.

@harsha89 & @k.joseph – when you see this, could you post to the Community category of Talk to announce our accepted students and thanking mentor volunteers and students all who applied? This message should come from you two as admins. Then let’s reach out to mentors and make sure all accepted students and mentors have made a post-announcement connection.


Hi Burke,

I used telegram to ‘think out loud’ and I have checked and published the blog post here: