Getting startup as a developer guide modifications

Hi All,

I have been thinking on whether we need to revisit on the Getting Start as a developer guide. We are getting good number of contributors and some are interested on UI stuff. Since platform move towards reference application which has the new UI framework. Is it good to modify the getting start as a developer guide on setting the new reference application instead of openmrs core only?

I agreed that we need to have comprehensive guide on that with set of intro tickets which are fairly straight forward. I believe it would be good for new comers as we are now having fairly large amount of tasks with reference application.

WDYT @michael @burke @darius @surangak and all ?

Thanks, Harsha


It would definitely be good to have our getting started documentation reflect the skill set that prior actually need in order to work on OpenMRS.

I would note that we are also straddling a line in the reference application between server side GSP code and moving more fully towards Angular JS and REST, so this will make documenting the set of possibilities even more difficult, and we should be strategic about where we invest effort in writing docs.

But generally if someone wants to improve our developer docs, I am enthusiastically in favor.

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