Getting started with GSoC 2023 OpenMRS-SDK project.

Application Name: openmrs-sdk Version Number: .

Question: Hello community, I’m Shamly. Final year undergraduate at IIT, which is in collaboration with the University of Westminster in the UK. Last year, I completed an internship at WSO2. Although I am new to open source, I am eager to become a part of this community by contributing to available projects. I am particularly interested in Java-based projects and as this is my last chance to participate in GSoC, I’m interested in both the Java-based projects Improving the OpenMRS Developer Experience: Updating the SDK and GSOC 2023: Validating and re-working (updating) the OpenMRS PatientFlags module. I’ve done the setup with OpenMRS sdk. I would greatly appreciate your guidance on how to get started with a project. Can you please assign me an issue to start? or suggest me a way to get started…**


I have been working with Java for the past 4 years for all my projects at the university. I also have experience writing maven plugins while I was interning at WSO2. I am very much interested in learning how we can refactor the SDK code base to support newer versions of OpenMRS and also make it backward compatible.

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