Getting Ngnix 404 error for uploaded-files in CSV import, Admin module In bahmni-docker

Hello everyone,

We have recently moved to bahmni-docker, Where we integrated a Admin module. In csv import, when we upload a file for program, it is generating a error file for different reasons like when the patient is already enrolled for that program. When we try to download the error file from the ui, it is giving 404 ngnix Error.

@mohant - Can you investigate / create a JIRA card for this issue?

@binduv the 404 error coming might be because of the “uploaded-files” folder is not mounted. But when you get into openmrs container and search for the specific file name(programs1_2024-01-31_10:51:07.err.csv), you will find the file. This would help you to understand on the CSV import issue. But to resolve the 404 error, the volume needs to be mounted to openrms container. Hope this helps @mohant

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Have created a JIRA issue. [BAH-3528] - Bahmni - JIRA