Getting IDGEN-42 (web services for idgen) over the finish line

@tendomart, @samuel34, @irenyak1, and @dkayiwa. It was wonderful to see you at #OMRS18!

I’d like to check in on progress on IDGEN-42. Last news on 28 Nov was @tendomart & @samuel34 were working through comments on PR #72.

Are there small, well-understood bits to finish and we simply need to cheer you on? Are there challenges for which you need assistance? Or have you run into blockers that need decisions to move forward?

Eager to see this through! Thanks so much for helping birth Platform 2.2.



/cc @c.antwi


@burke thanks was great an experience at #omrs18 .Yes indeed @samuel34 forked my branch and making sure the Test Case methods which I introduced pass as expected.I earlier synced with him and was positively progressing.

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I’m asking(requesting) just to be sure. Can someone clearly list here each of the following properties of mentioned IdentifierSourceTypes

Property Categories

  1. DelegatingResourceDescription

    • DefaultRepresentation
    • FullRepresentation
    • RefRepresentation
  2. CreatableProperties

  3. UpdatableProperties


cc: @burke, @dkayiwa, @darius

Just made a PR after fixing all failing testcases FYI @tendomart

PR :

cc: @dkayiwa, @burke

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Thanks for the update

In case you didn’t get answers for this yet, maybe @mseaton can advise?