Getting error after implementation of Location Based Access Control

Hello There, I have implemented Location Based Access Control In Stand-alone 2.11 and It was working correctly but on next day when I logged in and try to register new patient it giving me following error.

Can you share the server side log via

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Thanks for your response @dkayiwa , I have found the issue . My Location Based Access Control 0.2.0 get stopped when I stopped the server and run again. So my query is that how we can start location Base Access Control Module automatically like other modules. This module is not getting start automatically. sharing server logs here 01) at org.hibernate.event.internal.DefaultSaveOrUpdateEventListener.entityIsD -

Can you share the full server side log?

Sorry for inconvenience sharing whole logs here Attempting to load properties file in current directory: openmrs-standalone-runt -

What happens when you try to start the module?

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I need to start it explicitly every time when I run the server, then its running correctly. But what should i do to start it automatically like other modules.

Can you create a ticket for it under this JIRA project?

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Yes, fine I will create the ticket for the same. Thanks @dkayiwa you always there for us :grinning:

Hi Daniel I am unable to log in at OpenMrs Issue with my OpenMrs Talks Credentials. Is there any way to create account because it is telling to contact with the administrator.

The procedure for that is writing to openmrs help desk. I have just granted you access to JIRA. Try again.

Sorry i haven’t got any access with JIRA. I followed the steps also through help desk.

Hello Daniel I have created the ticket for the issue Thanks.

Can you also include a link to the paste and this talk thread?

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Sure Daniel !

@atiq i have attached, on the JIRA ticket, a compiled version of the module which you can test and see if it helps.

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Thank You @dkayiwa!! for your support. Appreciate :relaxed:. I will test the module and will share the outcome with you.

Hi @dkayiwa , I have tested the Module 0.3.0 and its working fine now.