Getting Dashboard master in a good state and keeping it there :-)

Continuing the discussion from Lots of LDAP errors with email verification process in past few days:

Just wanted to fork this discussion so we could track the necessary changes to repair master to a working state. We should take advantage of this time to make sure in parallel that we implement the necessary testing/workflows to do something like Continuous Delivery and make sure master is always in a releasable state. :smile:

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Yeah – I’m gonna try to get it to that state – Sorry – I should have merged GCI into a separate branch :confused:

I do know what needs to be fixed – some will be during GSoC – some will be done post GSoC by me…It’s not in a horrible state – just everything isn’t the way I want it – Some things need to be fixed but nothing is broken per se…I just have high standards :slight_smile:

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