Get Ready for GSoC Final Evaluations

Hi All,

The final evaluations of GSoC will be starting on 21st of August. So we don’t have much time to left on this years GSoC. I’m writing here to inform few things in advance so you can prepare for final evaluations.

  • Coding of the projects should be completed by next week so you will have enough time to work on documentation, writing tests and improve your coding.

  • Mentors should make sure, code reviews getting done as soon as possible. You will discuss the plan with your student for next two weeks

  1. Google will ask students to upload their codes during final evaluations. Hence be prepared and complete your coding before hand.

  2. Students and Mentors should finalize the final out come of each respective project

  3. Students required to create a small video which runs 5-10 minutes. You should include things that you have done during the GSoC time period. YOU WILL NEED TO UPLOAD THE VIDEO DURING THE FINAL EVALUATIONS WEEK.

If you have any concerns and clarifications please let us know.

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REMINDER for all Students and Mentors.

Be sure that you have prepared the FINAL EVALUATIONS DEMO BY TUESDAY.

Google mentioned that there is a review process for the code uploads of students. Please read emails coming from Google and take necessary actions.

Evaluations will be open on Tuesday. Be prepared.

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[1] contains the guidelines for code submissions

Since mentor evaluations begin on 29th August, I will extend the final video submission deadline to next FRIDAY.



Hi All,

During our project management meeting, we have discussed how we need to arrange the final evaluations. During the call, @burke highlighted the importance of having video presentation at midterm evaluations.

For final the evaluations, we are expecting a talk forum post which summarizes your work. You may include following things. We would like to see your creativity when you creating your final OpenMRS talk post.

  • Summary of your work you have done
  1. You code contributions

  2. Link to project documentation on the wiki

  • If you created a small video already as part of your documentation, you can include it :slight_smile:

  • How’s your experience with OpenMRS during the GSoC

  1. How we can make this program better for students

We would like to see CREATIVE set of talk forum posts with your GSoC Experience

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Dear mentors, i have created a simple GSoC 2017 report listing out a summary of what this year’s GSoC has added to our community, i have and still continue to make updates to it basing on the mid-evaluations, i know you can do a lot at improving the brief summary of where i have mentioned your project that’s why i invite you to improve this

URGENT: Hi wonderful mentors, glad we are finalising such a tremendous work you have been doing the previous months, please note that Final evaluations are now open and are Due: September 5, 2017 at 17:59 (CAT)

I am also requesting that each of you updates his project within our final projects report at: or improve what i am doing in there.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: