Generic functionality to Auto-Populate form fields based on previous encounters

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Hello everyone, I am Teboho from Lesotho. We are currently implementing Bahmni as our electronic register/point of care EMR. We have a current request to support functionality to auto-populate fields on the observation forms based on what was captured in previous related encounter observations.

This functionality is meant to minimize burden on the clinicians to retrieve information that is already available in the system from previous encounters. It is also an important feature in controlling data quality issues related to clinicians punching in incorrect data during a patient’s visit concerning their recent observations and hence possibly compromising the quality of care for the client.

There are a number scenarios that fit this request:

  1. Auto-populating the current regimen the patient is on based on ART Initiation Regimen, Substitution and Switching Regimen
  2. Auto-populating key fields for calculating ART treatment adherence at point of care after the form loads
  3. Freezing completed intake forms (both counselor and clinician forms) with allowance to edit to avoid multiple completed forms yet cohort information does not change
  4. Freezing completed HTS forms for a person who tested HIV positive and was linked to HIV care and Treatment services because will no longer be tested etc.

The idea is to support this functionality out of the box through configuration by implementers as opposed to having several different implementation specific solutions.

We are currently using both Forms 1.0 and Forms 2.0 and need to support this functionality on both versions of Bahmni forms. Please advise on possible design approaches for tackling this request.

Cc. @angshuonline, @pradiptakundu, @akhilmalhotra