Generation of patient lists?

Platform Version: 1.8

Question: In exploring the openMRS-TB Demo (, there is a section titled “patient lists.” I have been searching to enable this functionality through a module other than the MDR TB modules, but I can’t find anything. I am specifically interested in the tool which is able to generate lists which have customized information on patients displayed. Does anyone know where I can read on how to enable this functionality in openMRS?

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That patient lists functionality is specifically built into the MDR-TB module, and unfortunately there is no general-purpose module to provide this functionality otherwise.

If you have access to developers it would be possible to create something similar for your own use case based on the reporting module.

Thank you for the response.

One quick follow up question. Is there a module to assist in designing forms without using HTML? I attempted to use the HTMLFormEntry WYSIWYG module, but it caused both my appliance and standalone to crash. Are there any alternatives? Or suggested ways for going about form creation without HTML expertise?

The XForms module is a good way to do this.