Generating Supplier Invoice - OpenERP posts transactions wrongly

Hi all,

Bahmni has been working fine - for 18 months and counting - in a facility I implemented it at. My clients are pleased with it’s performance so far but for this nagging issue spelt out below;

When supplier invoices are generated, the OpenERP associated with Bahmni debits creditors a/c and credits cost of goods sold a/c. I have tried using account payable A/C and purchases A/C also to handle a supplier transaction but I still have the same effect, account payable A/C is debited and purchases A/C is credited.

Per established golden rules of accounting which states “debit the receiving A/C and credit the yielding/giving A/C”, this posting is wrong. I did a check from and had the same wrong posting results (please see attached corresponding screenshots below) .

I’m not too sure where this challenge seems to be coming from and I have searched for solutions to this from the OpenERP/Odoo forum but had no success as yet.

I’d like to, however, state for the records that the debtors A/C is correctly debited when service is rendered and the corresponding product sales A/C is rightly credited, so we don’t have issues with the revenue transactions.

Please has anyone encountered this challenge? How can we get a panacea to this challenge?


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