Generating a Summary Record


I am wondering whether to switch from OpenEMR to OpenMRS since I have not gone too far…

We have modified OpenEMR is a very basic level to suit a EMR for Sri Lankan primary care. e.g. local medications list, ICPC2 classification, demographics

As the situation in SL, a patient can consult any primary care or secondary care provider for a fee (as well as obtain all services at a government hospital free of charge). Billing is NOT an issue and is the least important.

We are thinking of using the OPenEMR in a number of clinics in a area within 5 Km radius. However the main issue is how to obtain a summary record of the patient’s Problem List, Medical & Allergies and (providers’s names if possible)

Can anyone please let me know whether a Summary Record can be generated or is this under development in OPenEMR? I am certain that this would be a very useful function especially in South Asia

Thanks in advance


Did you intend to ask this from the OpenEMR channels?

Yes. Did I ask from the correct forum? KM

No you did not. Can you ask it from the OpenEMR channels?

Sorry I cannot see anything called Channels? Is there another name for it