Gender Type Icon next to patient info

1- Would it be possible to include gender type icon next to patient info in patient dashboard as is in OpenMRS?

2- Would it be possible to show OB/GYN widget in patient dashboard whenever the patient is female ONLY?

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For the sake of curiosity, how trans people/intersex are treated in openmrs model?

I know from reading some trans men who got pregnant or had some gyn operations that it is always a nightmare to receive appropriate healthcare because of such system limitations based purely on gender. Same thing for trans women looking for urology and such.

At the end of the day, they documents might say the gender they identify with, but would not define the internal organs they have.


@arak2002, I will let someone from the core team respond to your specific questions (which probably won’t happen until Monday India time at the earliest).

@cintiadr, OpenMRS support for this is badly lacking. (And Bahmni support is no better.) The OpenMRS data model has person.gender as varchar(50), which at least gives the possibility of fixing this, but the application layer presumes the only legal values are “m” or “f”.

Since no OpenMRS implementation has ever prioritized this issue, and (I guess) there is extremely limited medical treatment of trans people in resource-limited environments, so I couldn’t put any sort of timeline to when this will be addressed. But I have created a placeholder ticket at in case some ally wants to pick this up:

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