GCI-Students: Use Telegram to ask for help from mentors

I urge all GCI students to use our telegram channel or here on talk to ask for help while working on task. Apparently we thought this was obvious but it actually isn’t.

Looking at a task that timed out I noticed he left a comment that was not responded to until the task timed out.

We(community) are very sorry about that but you should understand with mentors. We have over a hundred students working on task and a lot of events happening on these tasks like (comments, claim, abandon, submit, etc). It’s hard to keep up with such events so mentors usually just interact with task that have been submitted for review. That means if you leave a comment on a task that is not on review, there is high chance that your comment will be missed unless the comment came in when a mentor was on seat mentoring gci and immediately followed the comment notification. Which is sometimes impossible considering timezone differences, personal commitments, and number of such events that happen per minute. We have a notifications channel(accessible only to mentors and admins) that posts task activities and when I’m offline for an hour on a busy day I come back and meet over 300 notifications. This 300+ notifications include comments, claim, submit, abandon, etc so if a mentor had to be following each notification as they come in they’ll probably run insane. So PLEASE if your task has not been submitted for review and you having difficulties that require mentor attention, ask on the gci telegram channel. You could comment on your task but you MUST explicitly ask a mentor to look at your comment else it maybe missed and don’t forget to remind them when you think they forgot.

Also I would like to add that you are free to ask for deadline extensions. Do that on the telegram channel. If you don’t want other students to know that you are requesting for time extension so they don’t think you are weak, leave it as a comment on the task and ask a mentor to look at it and make sure they do as they may as-well forget.


Also, unless it has been 24hrs… don’t pester mentors to review your task.


Also when you do ask for review PLEASE be polite.

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