GCI Students: Blog about your GCI experience and share here

Hi all,

GCI ends in a few days and winners will be notified. We will appreciate if all GCI students could blog about their experience during this years GCI and share on this thread. This was amongst the initial tasks published at the start of the contest. But we noticed it was too soon to have interesting blogs about experiences since gci just started. So I deleted the remaining instances of this task so no student will need to claim it and set a google reminder for Jan 12 to remember publish more instances of the task. For some reason my reminder didn’t work or maybe it did and I missed it but the point is I forgot to publish more instances. I’m sorry for that. Writing these blogs now will not earn you any gci points but we’ll appreciate if you can still try to do it. If you enjoyed the program, there is no reason why you won’t want to share the experience.

Sharing your stories will go a long way to motivate others. For those of you that were able to claim the task and completed it, you don’t have to write a new blog, you can share the one you already submitted. I too will be writing a blog about my own experience :slight_smile:

You also stand a chance of having your blog published on Google Open Source Blogs :slight_smile:


my experience in a brief.:grinning:


I have written a blog post at

Feel free to check it out :smile:


Awesome post @judeniroshan :smiley:

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Better late than never :slight_smile:


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