GCI Student Evaluation Process

Hi, I was wondering if OpenMRS is going to be using any sort of system for evaluating work to decide winners. If not, for tasks such as GCI-7 where the amount of work/difficulty varies for each person, will one person’s work be considered “better” than another’s? Or since they are all the same task, will they all just simply be considered a “level-4” task (quantitatively)? Some clarity would be appreciated, I know that google doesn’t really make it clear from the beginning because it is largely up to the organizations. Thanks for your responses!


We will probably look at the overall quality of your work. We’ve meant what we said: Quality over Quantity!

We also want to see you engage and integrate yourself with the community. If you are giving us high quality code and its immensely useful, then you’re probably in good graces. If you’re opting to do easy tasks…I’d suggest trying your hand at harder ones, asking for help if needed. Once again, it’s about the Quality of your work, not the quantity.

This is just how I imagine @sunbiz and @surangak may do things…I’d reckon it’s the most straightforward way to do things.


I agree with R0bby on every word!

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Definitely agree with the above. We are in consensus :slight_smile:

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Thank you all for the responses, it really helped clarify goals for the upcoming end of the contest ( :disappointed_relieved: )

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All we ask is that you do your best!

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