GCI Mentors scrum Friday 2014-12-19

Hi all,

Mentors participating in GCI were initially planning to hold a weekly scrum every Friday. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to follow up with this over the past two weeks.

Can we plan on having one this Friday ? perhaps some time between 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM US/Eastern time would work ?

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Hi Suranga, Fine for me.

Thank you, Harsha

Hi Suranga,

Fine for me :slight_smile:

Thanks, Harsha

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Thanks Suranga for getting this message out. I will try to make it Friday at 10.00 EST on the IRC

Is this on for tomorrow morning?

@sunbiz @surangak will either of you be on IRC coordinating this?

I apparently slept for over 12 hours

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