GCI 2019 : OpenMRS has been accepted as a mentoring organization!

Hi all,

I’m very happy to inform you that, OpenMRS has been accepted as a Mentoring Organization for Google Code-in 2019 :partying_face:.


We will start to add more mentors, and tasks in the coming weeks, and start to prepare for the contest.

Best Regards, Suthagar


wooow , well done @suthagar23 and congs to us

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Great to hear this.Thanks @suthagar23 for leading this

well done @suthagar23 cc @jennifer

Great work @suthagar23 and team :star_struck:

@suthagar23 thanks , to all Would be mentors , just watch out for the contest begins 2nd December 2019 .

see official site and list of selected orgs

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