GCI 2019: Final Blogs from the students.

Hi students,

You can post your final blog which has a summary of your Google Code in works (Actually, the blog prepared for the final task). Further, If you like you can provide some ideas for,

  1. How to improve Google Code-in?
  2. What is your outcome from the Google Code-in?
  3. What is your outcome from the OpenMRS?
  4. What do you think about plagiarism and copyright?
  5. Any Feedbacks?



Please see my final blog post here:

Additional feedback:

  1. Adding infrastructure tasks would be nice, as the contest is not just for coders. If designers and researchers get their own tasks, it’d be nice if aspiring system administrators can have some as well.
  2. I completed 24 tasks in total.
  3. The OpenMRS Community was super welcoming! I had a very enjoyable time here communicating to everyone.
  4. Plagiarism is basically stealing - don’t do it.
  5. The mentors are unexpectedly patient and friendly throughout the contest. Keep at it! You guys are awesome. I even shared one particularly heartwarming instance with the Google Administrators. :slight_smile:

Hii community, Here’s by blog:

  1. GCI on its part is truly unique, there’s no contest which gives students exposure to this level. The only problem about it is - awareness. I was fortunate to come across a blog regarding GCI but most student aren’t. Google should really spend some more time marketing GCI to reach most students

  2. GCI elevated my skillset to next level, I can’t believe I got introduced to so many thing in such a short duration of time. Those 25 task I completed helped me to learn a lot many things

  3. Working with OpenMRS helped me to gain more experience with my favourite programming language - Java (and also Android as a field). I look forward to learn more along with OpenMRS

  4. Plagiarism was my saddest experience during GCI but I believe everyone deserves atleast one chance, considering they are teenagers and don’t have much knowledge about plagiarism/copyright and its consequences, some students(not all) should be forgived judging their other work but on the other side if they have excessively plagiarised, neccessary action must be taken against them

  5. Thank you for helping and encouraging me throughout the contest

Cheers :smile:

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Hi everyone. This is my blog.


  1. GCI is great but keeping increase competition in mind we should have a final round between the top 10 students for GPW’s and finalists and I also agree to @prathamesh009 for the suggestion of marketing because many students don’t know about it.
  2. GCI enhanced my designing and coding skills. I was introduced to Goland and JavaScript. I completed 38 tasks during my GCI period.
  3. OpenMRS is a great platform. I learned a lot about android and android studio and also got some innovation.
  4. Plagiarism is something that should not be done if you are not able to do a task ask for help from the community I assure that you will get help.
  5. Thanks to the mentors and my mates who helped me out during the contest. Congrats everyone on a successful GCI 2019-20 with :openmrs:

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Hi guys, Here’s my blog post wrapping up my experience of this year’s Google Code-In.

  1. Google Code-In is a great platform for high schoolers to get into the world of open source. And participating in it with OpenMRS as my organization proved to be a really good choice for me. Although OpenMRS had a variety of tasks that helped me learn a lot of things, I would recommend that next year, there could be more tasks that require students to contribute to the actual GitHub repositories.
  2. This year’s GCI helped me learn a whole lot of stuff. Who could’ve thought that me, being an android developer, would have ever been able to create a minimalized node server, or connect to a database using GoLang. I also got to know more about Quality Assurance.
  3. The OpenMRS community was a very welcoming one. Thank you to all the mentors and participants who helped me along the way.
  4. Plagiarism is a really bad practice. The main motive of GCI is to learn new things. If one copies someone else’s work, then that is totally the opposite of it.

Here is my Blog.

My feedback:

  1. OpenMRS can improve GCI by preparing the tasks before the contest starts next year and Adding more tasks of Android, Web, would be great. And there should be a high number of instances on the Tasks (This was a serious issue to many members)
  2. I learned a lot during this contest. I got to explore new things.
  3. I got to interact with a big industry’s community.
  4. Copying entire content means stealing it as Ray Ma said. But you can mould that content and get an idea to create your own. (You can copy the content that is ready for commercial use)
  5. :smile:

Hey, here’s my blog:

  1. In my opinion the deadlines/time allotted for work on certain tasks (not all) were too short ( Such as the video tasks). Slightly extending the deadlines may have resulted in better performance from the participants. Also, adding some strict penalties for plagiarism may help to ensure original work from students.
  2. I developed many new skills during my GCI period and was able to further enhance some of the skills that I already possessed, such as design. I also got to learn a lot about quality assurance and the documentation and research tasks gave me a lot of insights :slight_smile:
  3. Being involved with OpenMRS was a great experience. It introduced me to the world of EHRs and the community was very friendly and welcoming.
  4. Plagiarism is a very negative practice. In the context of GCI, it is essentially cheating/ stealing from external sources and defeats the whole point of the contest, that is, to learn new things.
  5. I really appreciate all the effort the mentors put into reviewing our tasks. They never kept me waiting for too long and I was able to greatly improve my works thanks to their feedback. Meeting and interacting with other students on the Telegram chat was a great experience and made GCI a lot more fun. :slight_smile:

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Further feedback:

  1. While Code-in is amazing, there needs to be a little bit more modularity like selecting different levels of mentors for a task (like the main ones who monitor the task completion and others who approve in case of final changes). This way the workload can be evenly distributed and will make it easier for the mentors to tackle rush hours (like the end of competition)
  2. Learnt GoLang, React, Express and became better at many other fields
  3. Couldn’t participate much honestly due to limitations of my working system but learnt a few more things about open source
  4. Plagiarism is bad but our current scenario makes it difficult to identify such plagiarism. Maybe we can educate the participating students to have private repos or all the tasks which require git but are not contributing to the main software (react and go set of tasks) can be hosted on other services like GitLab
  5. Pat on the back, I guess? You guys did a really great job guiding us towards task completion

Hello, everyone such a gratefull journey at the end of the year and starting of another one My blog


Hey, maybe they could also fill the form which I posted some time ago on Talk? It’s a survey to gather member’s opinions about OpenMRS. For ex. how do you feel here, what would you like to see here more often, what types of info were the most helpful etc. I will be very thankful if some of you help me and answer a few questions. Thanks! https://forms.gle/QJCQafW7YnoX4nx8A Here is original post: New ideas for the community. Take part in survey.


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Additional feedback:

  1. I think we can improve GCI by reaching out to school students, more. I would also suggest that we have more outreach, documentation, etc. tasks so that we can reach out to common students to participate in Google Code-In, too.
  2. GCI is one rare platform and one can never experience such a competition, where you are learning along with competing while sitting at your home. ( It also made me enter my school computer lab for the first time, lol.)
  3. I am fascinated to know about OpenMRS as I didn’t know anything about an open-source which supports the delivery of health care. I am glad GCI introduced me to the same.
  4. The only quote which came to my mind after reading this question was “One can steal everything from an artist except their talent.”
  5. I really had fun doing this, and I suppose that is what we were here for. I also wish that the OpenMRS community keeps growing, that’s all.

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Here is my blog

  1. Code-in is one of the finest contests, ive ever come across, where everything is perfectly organized, I just felt that it was too long at the end of it
  2. I learned a lot from the contest, completed many tasks and got to interact with some experienced mentors just to expand my Knowledge
  3. OpenMRS is a great community which is doing very nice work for a noble cause
  4. Well it is a very serious issue especially if the contest is that long and without any mechanism to keep an eye on participants, so in such case, the students are only expected not to promote it
  5. I really enjoyed a lot, look forward to Participate in GCI again for my community OpenMRS

I wanted to those testing tasks …those seemed interesting…but the task instance was too low… I feel, probably to improve GCI …increasing task instance must be an good solution…

Wow! I was a GCI competitor last year with OpenMRS and this community is what introduced me to open source software. Although I’m working with TensorFlow this year, I am so impressed with the work of the new (and some returning) students! :+1: Great to see that OpenMRS is still as strong as ever.

If anyone’s interested in perhaps using the AI capabilities of TensorFlow in conjunction with OpenMRS to make some new features, would love to hear about it.