GCI - 2018 : Prepare for the Google Code-in

Hello every one,

Google Code-in 2018 Wiki Page : https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/RES/Google+Code-in+2018

To join in the OpenMRS - GCI 2018 Telegram Group : https://t.me/joinchat/ES44S1DGlIZdgPgB6U9HoQ

Already we have about 17 mentors and 3 Org admins. We looked into the previous experience and the contributions to the OpenMRS which are essential for a mentor at OpenMRS. Based on those requirements and the responsibilities, We hope to have all the mentors who completed the mentor application form. We will finalize the mentor list for Google Code-in 2018 within a day.

I have updated the Wiki Page based on the mentor form responses. Please have a look into that wiki page, and let me know if there are any issues (Some names on the wiki pages doesn’t have the link to the profile. what is the issue there?)

@ykarim250 , @mavrk, and I are working on the Google Code-in org profile and the application. Actually, we need to have about 25 tasks for the application. So Can we move some potential tasks from GCI-2017 to GCI-2018? Then onwards, we can start to create new tasks based on the types.


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Is it possible to have a omrs short URL for the given JIRA link,


We need to mention this in the Application form and the Wiki page as well.

Cc : @burke

Hi every one,

I have attached the profile and the application for Google Code In 2018. Please let me know, if you have any suggestions to modify the content. We will submit it by today or tomorrow.

Profile : https://docs.google.com/document/d/13zqzBsLGt4uQkF5j0_QfeI3SdNodfbcx-HIVrJlXfZI/edit?usp=sharing

Application : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XAWNq4I8X9mUgKtjpBvm9Lp85pf3AMlMwutq4X4IIPg/edit?usp=sharing

P.S : If you have any access problems, let me know :slight_smile:



@suthagar23 everything seems good :smiley: We just have to add the link to sample tasks :slight_smile:

Yes @pkatopenmrs. We are working on that, If you have time, please join with us :wink:

I have created a Telegram Group for OpenMRS - GCI 2018. Please use this following link to join : https://t.me/joinchat/ES44S1DGlIZdgPgB6U9HoQ


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MIght be worth it to fix the page design…it doesn’t look great right now – pretty much the entire right column is out of view more or less…or at least partially out of view – it simply doesn’t fit the viewport.

We will look into the wiki page. Thanks for the suggestions @r0bby

Hi @c.antwi,

Can you please look into the proposal and make your suggestions as your promissed to complete the registration. We already submitted the details into the dashboard.So If there are any changes, we can update that until Sep 17.

Hello every one,

We have completed the Org profile and application for this year Google Code-in :slight_smile:

This is the organization preview for the contest (based on the provided information)

Yes, all are set and we are waiting for the final reviews!.


The application process will be closed September 17, 2018 at 21:29 (India Standard Time), and the Organization for Google Code-in 2018 will be announced on September 18, 2018.

Please let us know, if there are any changes.


https://om.rs/gcitasks :+1:

Thanks @burke.

BTW the application was closed before 1hour! We added that actual URL to the application :slight_smile:

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Hello Everyone,

We would like to get your opinion about the mentors list for GCI. We already have 23 mentors for this year GCI, and We got some new requests after the org selection. So we would like to know about your suggestions to include/exclude them for the mentors this year(About having more and more mentors than previous years)


I personally feel that the more mentors, the better, because the load is shared among many. :smile:

Ensure you have > 1 org admin active and a reasonable spread of mentors. Students should expect to have their questions answered within 24-36hrs and should expect tasks to be reviewed within the same timeframe.

So then, We would like to increase the number of mentors upto 30 since we have three admins to manage the contest. Thanks @dkayiwa and @r0bby for the comments.