GCI-2018 : Last week of Google Code In - Hurry up guys

Hi every one,

We successfully completed 6 weeks of GCI Contest, and there is one more week to reach the end. I just wanted to mention the deadlines for the students,

  • Claim new task deadline : December 10, 2018 at 22:30 (India Standard Time)
  • Contest ends; Student work submitted deadline : December 12, 2018 at 22:30 (India Standard Time)

So please make sure deadlines, and claim and submit your last task before the deadlines.

Criteria for winner selections

Following points are from our criteria for winner selections (This is in draft stage, we may add/remove any points from here in coming days - So don’t get upset with this creteria :smile:) . Please read it and work according to your target.

  • Student should have a considerable amount of completed tasks .
  • Student should have a less amount of abandoned tasks (You may have, but it should be reasonable)
  • Student worked on all types of tasks or at least 4 (There are five type of tasks)
  • Weight of the tasks will be considered among the completed tasks.
  • Student should be involved in the community activities such as discussions, bugs fixing, issues finding
  • Student should have a mind of helping others in the community as well as GCI Channels.
  • Student should follow all the rules and regulations of GCI, and the culture of OpenMRS.
  • Student should not have any observed plagiarism issues or major copyright issues in the past.

We have a chance to select 06 students for winner selections :slight_smile:. So keep trying to reach the point!



Hey @suthagar23!

It has been an amazing experience for us students till now. Hope our contributions are helping OpenMRS.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for helping out mentor GCI this year! The criteria is very helpful for the students. It has been a great 2 months so far!