GCI 2018: If I have already attempted a beginner problem and failed, can I still do another 2?

I made a Java square root calculator, and I failed to meet the deadline for the Google Code in 2018. I was wondering if that would be counted as one of the two beginner tasks that I am allowed.

Thanks! Justin

Just because the system abandons your first task, doesn’t mean you can’t claim it again. You can reclaim and resubmit the square root calc and we won’t penalize you at all. We glance over abandons. You could also do 2 other beginner tasks.

Also, this question and GCI task related questions are better meant for our GCI Telegram or IRC group: https://om.rs/gcitg. There you can get student replies and mentor replies whereas here this broadcasts messages to the whole OpenMRS community and may cause clutter. Do feel free to ask questions though!

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OK. Thanks you so much!

I would have used that site but my school blocked it.

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@thebannanajoe why don’t you try VPN. There are many instances where sites are blocked by government, school etc. I think VPN is a good way around it. You may want to join the Telegram group for quick responses from mentors. I hope I’m not late still almost 2 weeks left for GCI to get over. :grin:

Check the legality of using a VPN in your country/region/situation. We don’t endorse using a VPN, but you may do so if you will to.

Oh, I was just repeating what @suthagar23 said in this topic. :smile:

To elaborate on this, the cryptography used for VPNs may or may not be used in your country legally.