GCI 2017 Mentor Planning

Continuing the discussion from Update from this year's GSOC mentor summit:

Of course, it’s great to meet @wyclif and @k.joseph at the mentor summit. I attended to the GCI session in the morning. We have discussed few points where we can get more students from different countries. So far GCI isn’t much popular. But it’s getting better and better every year and adding more organizations. We have discussed ways to promote GCI more and more to get more participants. There are some discussions about the GCI tasks. In past few years, we notice there are students who work on considerably hard tasks and ended up with completing fewer tasks. Some students are taking a lot of smaller tasks and complete them. But we need to balance out the contributions when it comes to evaluations. @bholagabbar @ivange94 @cshah please note this when you do the evaluations. Also responding to the student tasks and evaluating them should be a high priority task from our side. If we fail to respond for evaluations, there will be notifications going to the google which will not good. We also need to promote GCI as much as we can to get more kids to the program. This will be the earliest point when a student might get touch with Open Source.




This is a great point. But the rules itself kind of works against this. Google stipulates that we can choose winners only amongst the top 10 students. Those will be the ones with most number of task not necessarily challenging ones. So if a student spends his time working on challenging tasks and does not make top 10 even if he did excellent work, we can’t accept him. I remember someone raised this point on the mailing list last year and the solution that was proposed is that we should ask such students to do more easy tasks so they can make the top 10. That is not a solution to me. That will make gci less fun as students may not work on what they love because they want to make top 10.

@ivange94 I agree, what we need to do is break down larger tasks into small tasks so students won’t be struggles in a single task for a long time. Also if we notice such a student. we need to inform it to the student.

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