GCI 2016 Task Migration from JIRA to GCI Dashboard

In discussion with @surangak, we have decided that we need to port the already available list of GCI tasks from JIRA to the GCI Dashboard. The list of issues on JIRA can be found at https://issues.openmrs.org/issues/?jql=labels%20%3D%20gci2016

I believe Suranga has already begun work on the same and all of us GCI mentors should assist him with the same. I’d like to know what @cshah has in mind and maybe @surangak can update us on the status/next steps to be taken.

Mentors: @ivange94 @pralay @shekhar @dkayiwa @teleivo @k.joseph @raff @burke @wyclif @uzanysa (sorry if I’ve missed anybody)


@bholagabbar, first of all, thank you for pushing forward with this. You’re obviously WAY better at this than I am.

Right now, we have two major issues -

  1. Create more intro tasks for students
  2. Migrate them onto the contest website

I’m working on (1), but i’d love more help (more task ideas!) I had a quick chat with @cshah re. (2) yesterday. He was planning to talk to you on IRC, but its thanksgiving right now in the US, and being American, he’s probably with family :slight_smile:

I see that @k.joseph has taken a stab at (2), which is awesome! thanks! However, I do think that we need to get (2) wrapped up by Friday night at least.

I know you’ve been trying to figure out bulk uploads of tasks to the contest website - did that work? if not, we can simply do so by hand…

And again, thanks. You’re pretty awesome :slight_smile:


Great! So I see that someone has put up about 7-8 issues on the dashboard. I would suggest pre-pending the titles with the JIRA ticket number so that other mentors don’t include duplicated entries. For eg, Edit task : Migrate/modify the OpenMRs developers manual into gitbooks should be formatted as GCI-145: Edit task : Migrate/modify the OpenMRs developers manual into gitbooks So that we instantly know which ticket this refers to. I have taken the liberty of renaming the tasks and they look something like this (Thanks a lot @k.joseph for starting off! :smiley: )

I guess all of us should take some time and put up as many tickets as we can in the coming days and introduce about 2-3 tickets ourselves. Simply see the JIRA tickets here Issue Navigator - OpenMRS Issues and if you don’t see it on Sign in - Google Accounts , go ahead and add it following the same naming convention so it’s easier for us to add tasks!

@surangak read about a couple of tools that automate the migration of GCI tasks from JSON files to the GCI website. Maybe we can add this as a GCI task itself? If it doesn’t sound too complicated, we can ask students to make a tool where on simply inputting a list of Ticket Numbers like RA-1089, we can retieve all the details and format them in a JSON doc. So that way, we can use preexisting tools next GCI and use it to upload tasks instead of copy pasting.

Looking forward to comments/responses from other mentors as well!


Hey all, sorry about the radio silence, I’ve been sorta busy with family. Looking at the dashboard now, I think we’ve got a system that works for moving the tasks from JIRA to GCI dashboard. Thanks @bholagabbar and @k.joseph for the great help with that. Before this coming Monday, (2-3 days from now) we will need about 10 more tasks. (We should have about 50 unique tasks). Mentors, please continue to think of tasks that may be useful for pre-university students, as we will need to keep adding tasks throughout the 7 week contest period. After we get to 50 unique tasks, we will be ready to go! (We’ll add duplicates of the tasks to bring us to the required 75 tasks.) Hope everyone is excited for the contest to begin!

Regarding the remaining tasks that need to be migrated, I can work on those tomorrow if they still need to be moved. It should not be too time-consuming.

Hi all,

Looking at the tasks that were created (thanks @k.joseph!) , I think we need to be careful in labelling them according to the right category (code / QA etc.) Also, some tasks would require multiple instances (for example, GCI 145 and 146) - so these are things that we need to watch out for.

Ok folks, i’m toying around with the bulk uploaded feature - if you look at : https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/tasks/6313154506129408/

This is what a sample task will look like when uploaded. Do you see any issues with this? as always, we assign each task to every single mentor, just so that there are no delays in reviewing tasks :slight_smile:

Ok, just to say that I have the tasks all lined up to upload - i’m going to give folks the next 12 hours to comment if they see anything they’d want to fix, and if not, i’ll go ahead and bulk upload everything :slight_smile:

Prepending the JIRA ticket number won’t be necessary then?

Hmm… I think not, because the ticket number is in the description? I didn’t want to do this because it would just made the title longer…?

Oh alright cool then. I just figured it would be easier to copy paste and avoid redundant stuff but since we already have the bulk upload ready to go, we should be fine. Shouldn’t all the mentors start uploading a few tasks of their own?

@bholagabbar Hey!!! we finally caught each other awake at the same time! :wink:

So yes, we do badly need more new tasks. Can you think of a few? if you can create tasks in JIRA (Under the GCI project) then I can take care of uploading them into the contest side using the bulk uploader :slight_smile:

Haha yes I have already added 1 and few more are on the way :smiley: Afaik, @ivange94 and @pralay should be helping out soon, with the others to follow! Don’t worry, we’ll have some great ones in a couple of days and also, I’m loving the design tasks! I’m looking forward to seeing some interesting and awesome designs for the OpenMRS tshirt and stickers!

Also, I assume we should be setting up a mentor-student introduction Talk post soon? So we can welcome all the contributors into the community :slight_smile:

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Would reproducing XSS attacks on an instance like http://uat02.openmrs.org:8080/openmrs/login.htm or any other, and simply noting the page and how they reproduced qualify as a good task? :slight_smile:

@dkayiwa, definitely! please add that in, and many more. We badly need tickets :slight_smile: Also, do try to be as descriptive as possible, please :slight_smile:

Hey, one comment - would you like to increase instance count on tasks so that multiple students can work on it (and thus, you have more options to pick from?)

Still have not received an invitation to mentor. email ivangelarry[@]gmail.com

cc @surangak @cshah