GCI 2015: How to win

Some of the work being submitted this year is amazing, some not so much.

I figured I would make a post for GCI students to learn how to win this. The way to NOT win is to copy/paste content in your blog posts. We’ve had several students do this, and it’s not good at all. Not only will it tank your chances, but it’s plagiarism, something that is a BIG no-no. Wanna win? Show us you’re an honest person by doing ORIGINAL, high quality work. Work on the harder tasks which we find much more valuable than the easy ones.

I’d like to repeat what i’ve said many, many times: It’s QUALITY that we’re looking for, we couldn’t care less if you’ve done 5 tasks, if those 5 tasks were the best we’ve seen vs a student who does 20 or more easy tasks and did them mediocre at best.

To add to this, have you joined our telegram chat, if not – we have no idea who you are and you stand very little chance in winning. The way to win is to help other students – you can help each other, you just can’t copy each other. We love to see students helping one-another!

So to reiterate QUALITY over QUANTITY, we wanna see you do high quality work and you can’t bang out high quality tasks back to back, not unless you’re REALLY good that is.


Thanks robby, your an amazing mentor.

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