[GCI-140] Design a T-shirt for OpenMRS!

Can someone give me a clue about Which type of shirt i have to design?. Keep in mind that i am a beginner in shirt designing. Thanks!

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t-shirts with a collar look awesome

Hey @mazharbaig cheers up for the task, just have some few hints here.

Some hints on designing the T-shirt.

  1. Take time to explore your concept (What is your message on the T-shirt)
  2. Imagine the design on a T-shirt (This should capture OPenMRS)
  3. Detail is king but keep things simple (Don’t crowd it with too much details)
  4. Consider the different persons that will use this T-shirt
  5. Keep your humour subtle
  6. Choose the right colours (Put into consideration, the ladies and gentlemen)
  7. Prepare your artwork properly
  8. Source a good printer (I am sure you wouldn’t want to see your T-shirt messed up with colors)

Thanks for your response guys!

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