Gathering Feedback on Bahmni Appointment Scheduling

Hi All,

We released Appointment Scheduling as part of Bahmni Version 0.90. We are looking to gather some feedback from various implementations. If you have are using this feature currently, please take some time out to share your experience.

You could tell us about:

  1. Any Feedbacks that you have for the feature
  2. Any enhancements that would like to see
  3. Any bugs that you came across

Thanks in Advance!

@angshuonline @pramidat @swathivarkala @binduak @mahitha

It will be great if we can have service based appointment slots. Currently it is set as constant in config file.

Please explain the functionality of “Show Selected” check box. On this screen

@sanjeev111, could you please elaborate on what you mean by service based slots? Our model is currently service based only - all the availabilities are defined for a service and the appointment is also booked against a service.

The behaviour of filters is explained here. Please refer to point no.5

Please keep this thread for only for suggestions/feedback on Appt. Scheduling. For any other questions, i request you to create a new post :slight_smile:

I mean to say that calendar should show slots as per the service slot configured. E.g. if service x has 15 minutes and service y has 45 minutes, can the calendar show the slots accordingly for a particular service ?

Thanks for the clarification, the functionality is clear now. Sure, I would ask question in different post if any.

Kindly help if this is possible.

Hi @sanjeev111

Apologies for missing out on replying to this question.

I am afraid that this is not possible in the current set up. The appointments for the services show up with required slot of 30 or 40 mins etc depending on the Service for which you are booking the appointment or for the start/end time that you enter. The Calendar slots come with fixed time intervals that you can configure.

Take a look at this on how to use & configure the calendar in Bahmni. Hope this helps.

Thanks for clarifications.