future summer of code interns => learning resources

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Hi and welcome future interns :slight_smile:

I compiled a list of resources I found helpful when improving my development skills (originally for for http://railsgirlssummerofcode.org/) so you would have a great source of tutorials to prepare for your projects. Now that we have a few projects coming up like Outreachy, RGSoC, GSoC @darius and I thought this could benefit anyone joining OpenMRS and Bahmni.

So I created a new page here


Please have a look, have fun with a tutorial or two and add one if it helped you a lot Happy learning :eyeglasses:


Thanks @teleivo for the above resources. I have personally found them helpful, just waiting for the TODO sections to get updated :grinning:

Thanks @teleivo

Thanks for the above resource @r0bby , looks real :smiley:

Thanks!It does help me a lot.