Future of the OpenMRS FHIR Analytics Repository

Hi all, I’m Fred Hersch, a Product Manager at Google and I work, together with @bashir on building open source tools to make it easier for developers to work with healthcare standards - focussing on FHIR.

As part of our team’s work - which includes the open sourced Android FHIR SDK and FHIR Access Proxy, we have been extending and generalizing the existing OpenMRS FHIR analytics pipelines.

First of all I want to take the opportunity to thank many members of the OpenMRS community for their contributions to this project.

In order to ensure that the repository accurately reflects what is being developed, we are planning to move and rename the repository to /google/fhir-data-pipelines (TBC)

We are seeking input from the existing community on whether to continue to maintain the OpenMRS specific features, i.e. is there active use or interest to use these Analytics pipelines/tools with OpenMRS in the future?

  • If there IS interest, what is the desired roadmap, and what are the plans for usage?

  • If there is NOT interest, then we will remove the OpenMRS specific features.

Timing and next steps

We plan to make the change around the week of Nov. 28th.

If there is no feedback by then we will assume that there is NO interest and remove the OpenMRS specific components. These will be available on earlier versions of the repository.

cc: @bashir tag: #analytics-engine


Thanks @fredhersch for kicking this off. Tagging a few people here for more visibility: @akimaina @aojwang @burke @dkayiwa @grace @ibacher @jdick @jennifer @mksd @mseaton

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Yes there is still a need to use the analytics pipelines and tools with OpenMRS in the future. But the pace at which we are moving, will definitely slow you down. Since the OpenMRS specific components will still be available in the earlier versions of the repository, it is safe to go ahead and remove them. When we resume working on this, we shall just reuse your extended and generalised tools and configure them as per the OpenMRS use cases.

Otherwise, thanks @fredhersch , @bashir , and the entire team, for taking this forward. We anxiously look forward to using the tools you are building! :slight_smile:

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