Further Enhancements to Appointment Scheduling

Dear all,

Our clients are finding the Appointment Scheduling module very useful, and are requesting some further enhancements to reduce the time taken by users to create appointments. This is in the same ethos as a previous post, but with different requirements.

Have such requirements surfaced in your implementations? Or have any of you given thought to the user flow to achieve this? We are still at early stages of analysis and discussions

1. Create a Secondary Appointment associated with the Primary Appointment: For eg. When a user is creating an appointment for service A, there is also always an appointment created for service B on the same day. In this case, each appt has a supplementary appt - we want to redirect the user to the page to create the supplementary appointments. As in the above visit example, if a patient has an initiation appointment, he/she will also have a pharmacist appointment. Can the system support in creating both of these?

Potential solution: In Admin panel, create a hierarchy for related appointments. When a user is creating Appt A, have a prompt to check if he/she also wants to create Appt B. In this case, all details are pulled regarding patient, service, date, etc. and user only needs to add the Provider & Start Time

2. Create Multiple Appts for a Patient easily: For instance, a patient on being registered will be scheduled for ~7-10 appts. Therefore, the same patient has appointments for different services. When patient comes for a visit 1 Appt: Baseline - see a doctor 2 Appts: Initiation- Doctor and pharmacist 3 Appts: M1 - Doctor & Pharmacy & Lab 3 Appts - Doctor & Pharmacy & Lab 1 Visit - Doctor

Currently, the user has to create an appointment one by one for each. Would an option to clone appointments, and edit details as required help here?

3. Add location as a filter type: Currently, we can filter appointments by provider, service & service type. We also want the ability to filter by location(s).

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  1. I am not sure hierarchy of appointments at all. What you are talking about is relevant to a particular service, and i would rather extend that feature instead of mixing with appointments.

  2. Sort of same as above - if a particular service/package requires multiple different appointments of “service types”, then we would need a UX to effectively manage creation of such appointments. I don’t see need for appointment model itself to change.

This also seems like a “package”! (like a health checkup package) - This should be definitely be handled outside. This gets into scheduling a lot. We have built (unfortunately not FOSS) such functionality in past for hospitals, and this can get quite complicated.

  1. Isn’t this already possible in list view?

Hi @angshuonline - for point 1 - this seems like a big pain point across multiple implementations. The hierarchy is supposed to prompt the user when he/she creates appointment for service A to check whether he/she also wants to create for service B. If the result is affirmative, then most of the details are populated including date, service, patient ID etc.

The advantage here being reduced stress on the user to manually fill in Patient ID, service, etc. while getting some logic built into the appointment scheduling module. In case this is still confusing, I am happy to get on a call to discuss further

On point 2, want to discuss what the challenges with packages in the past have caused - to see whether there is something we can do to make user’s lives easier while being cognizant of the problems it has caused in the past.

  1. The filter for location doesn’t currently exist - but we would like to build it. The other filters for service, service type etc. however do