Further Enhancements to AddOns: Project Roadmap

Hi all,

This is something that has been long due but was being discussed before finally being made public now.

Here are a list of features that have been planned for this summer according to their priority:

By the First Evaluation:

  1. Ensuring that the latest page gets loaded each time: To solve this, I am currently exploring this rather trivial solution : https://github.com/facebook/create-react-app/issues/1910#issuecomment-437378763 .

  2. Improve search: In the past few weeks, we have had a few members who have tried to improve this. Each of them had provided their solutions. I’ll test them out , add some of my own changes and hopefully, we can come up with a good algorithm. This will always be a work in progress in my opinion since there may always be room for improvement but we can surely try to get it to work better than it does now.

  3. Add support for advanced query syntax: This is something that in my opinion would be a useful feature. Correct me if I am wrong but from what I have seen here and here , we already have basic support for advanced queries at the API level. We just need to be able to parse the queries. I think the way to go about that would probably be to call a parsing function here . There’s a bit more of detail that we will have to take care of and we can discuss that in a new thread that I will create in the next few days to discuss this feature. Hope to get this done by this weekend(June 15th)

This would be the set of tasks that I hope to accomplish by June 15th(phase 1). Then in the next phase from June 16th - July 30th, we could go about implementing some of the main tasks for this summer i.e. Adding support for Github Releases and Signing up for email updates.

By Second Evaluation:

  1. Add support for Github Releases : Hope to discuss and implement this by July 2nd.
  2. Add ability to sign up for email updates : This task would be a difficult one and would require some planning I suppose. But if implemented, it would be a great feature to have! Hope to work on this between July 2nd and July 30th

By now, if things go right, we would have implemented most of the key features for this summer. I was hoping to keep the time before the final evals a bit light as I will be preparing to start school in August.

By Final Evaluation

  1. Improve Highlights page
  2. Improve tag stats
  3. Final testing and UI improvements
  4. Improve documentation detailing the ways to get a new module indexed.

For each feature in this timeline, I will create a new thread on talk just like GSoC 2017.

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