Functional Overview of OpenELIS -- Bahmni Lab (28/Jan 6pm IST)

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Hello everyone!

The Bahmni event calendar for Jan is available here (including link to older video recordings)

Next Session: Functional Overview of OpenELIS – Bahmni Lab (28/Jan 6pm IST) Add to Google Calendar

Sravanthi & Prabhu will give a functional overview of the features & workflows in OpenELIS (Bahmni Lab). Everyone is welcome!

The session is scheduled for 6 PM (India Time); See your timezone here. The session will happen on Fuze. You can also dial-in, but in that case, you won’t be able to see the screen shared by the presenter.

Meeting ID: 31397934 (28/Jan at 6PM India time) Meeting URL: You can find international access numbers at: Toll Free # +18553463893 Toll Number +12014794595

Meeting Notes will be taken here:

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