Fresh Install Centos 6.9 and Bahmni 0.89

I got it installed and working all except the http://localhost/home. I have MRS and EMR, LAB all working.

Click on Clinical and it shows the round spinning icon and says “The requested information does not exist” in a red banner at the top and that is all I get. Everything else works. I am trying to set this up so my team can take a look at it and possibly offer this to small clinics, non-profit clinics and maybe small 100 bed hospitals in our region that do not need to spend untold amounts of money to have this ability from a larger hospital or buy/lease the software for use.

Any ideas on this possible issue?

Hi David, Can you check openmrs logs if there is some error over there. The logs can be found at /var/log/openmrs/openmrs.log

I do not have openmrs log, I have an openerp log folder. That is in /var/log.

Have I missed something? I used this install method:

This is what it installed:

atomfeed-console.noarch 1.0-18 @bahmni
bahmni-emr.noarch 0.89-330 @bahmni
bahmni-erp.noarch 0.89-53 @bahmni
bahmni-erp-connect.noarch 0.89-53 @bahmni
bahmni-implementer-interface.noarch 0.89-102 @bahmni
bahmni-installer.noarch 0.89-206 @bahmni
bahmni-lab.noarch 0.89-74 @bahmni
bahmni-lab-connect.noarch 0.89-330 @bahmni
bahmni-openmrs.noarch 0.89-92 @bahmni
bahmni-reports.noarch 0.89-65 @bahmni
bahmni-web.noarch 0.89-330 @bahmni
pacs-integration.noarch 0.89-61 @bahmni
python-gdata.noarch 2.0.11-1.el6 @bahmni

Anyone have any ideas why the clinical will not run?

Hi @dtruesdale, Are you able to solve the issue??