French translation of the cash module "OpenHMIS Cashier Module"

Good evening the community! I would like to convert the language of the cash module “OpenHMIS Cashier Module” into French! How to adjust in the settings to put the language in French? is there a French version of the cash register module “OpenHMIS Cashier Module”? Or there is a French language pack to install? I specify:

  • openhmis.cashier-3.4.0

cc @BandaHealth

Thank you so much for your interest to provide us with French translations!

Here is how you can help us, clone the cashier module, under resources you will see a file that has english translations for the labels/texts we use. Copy the properties over to the file with the correct translations. Create a Pull Request, and we will gladly merge it in. If you run into any issues, don’t hesitate to reach out! Thanks

Andrew, Banda Health

First of all, I would like to translate into French my OPENMRS platform that I have installed locally. I installed my openmrs application on a linux system (CENTOS 7); the directory is located in tomcat / webapps / openmrs. under linux when i try to see openmrs directory files, i can not find the module directory! how to find the directory of modules of the application openmrs in the system linux (centos 7)? I search the directory of the HMIS cashier module to be able to translate the language file! could someone locate me how to find the location of the directory of the cashier module in the installation of openmrs in the linux system? I specify that I use: linux: centos 7 openmrs: v2.0.6 cashier module: OpenHMIS Cashier Module v3.4.0

Thanks for your help !

@mosbi apologies for the delay in responding.

Here is the language file. messages.txt (15.3 KB)

In the language file you will see the following:

openhmis.cashier.title=OpenHMIS Cashier Module

openhmis.cashier.error.nameRequired=A name is required

openhmis.cashier.error.fieldRequired=This is a required field.

The messages that need to be translated are those on the right of the = sign. In the example above, translate the following to French:

OpenHMIS Cashier Module

A name is required

This is a required field.