French translation of concepts ?

Hi Everyone,

Dr. Kanter kindly gave us access to the CIEL collection of concepts, which contains about 51000 concepts. In that collection, about 2700+ concepts have a French translation…

Our goal is to investigate the feasibility of using OpenMRS in a small rural hospital in Togo. We could, of course, start adding our own translations as we explore the application. But I wonder if there is a specific source we could use to obtain more French translations which would be appropriate in the context of a rural hospital in Africa? Thank you for any advise.


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For what it’s worth, we (PIH) use a French-language version of OpenMRS in Haiti and have translated many of the module message codes into French. If you try out the reference application, I think the majority of it will be translated into French. The old UI not so much.


Hi Mark,

Thank you for your prompt reply !

It looks like we may have downloaded and installed the wrong version (Platform 1.11.3 WAR for Enterprise). I selected that one because of the comment attached to version 2.2 Standalone Edition : “not intended for production”…

Am I missing something about the version we should install ?


I’n not 100% sure either, as we use a custom build… can anyone else weigh in?

Obviously, if anyone is interested in providing additional translations in French, perhaps leveraging the SAME-AS relationship to ICD, then I would be happy to incorporate them into CIEL!

I believe this refers more to the fact that the Standalone infrastructure is not intended for production use. It uses a non-scalable embedded database and application server. I think if you wanted to run OpenMRS 2 in the real world, you’d want to install a dedicated database, application server, and then install the Platform WAR file, then the OpenMRS 2 Module pack.

Someone on the engineering team like @dkayiwa or @darius might be able to speak to this better than I could, though. :smile:

We should clean up the wording there.

Basically, OpenMRS 2.x is working towards being a complete out-of-the-box EMR application for point-of-care use, however it is not there yet, and you as an implementer would need to do more work to get it there. (And, the work you’d have to do isn’t so well documented.)

The application in the OpenMRS Platform releases is a tool oriented towards retrospective data entry off of paper forms. It also requires you to do work to get started, but the work is documented better.

So, speaking very generally, whether to start from the latest OpenMRS 2.x release, or an OpenMRS Platform 1.x release depends whether you’re aiming for point-of-care use vs retrospective use of the system.