Free open source licenses for IntelliJ have ended

I’m sad to say JetBrains has updated their terms for free open source licenses and, as a result, has denied OpenMRS for free open source licensing, citing we are backed by a non-profit (OpenMRS, Inc.) and we received financial support (referencing our support page). I know there will be many open source devs just trying to save lives writing code who will be disappointed by this news.

Free for faculty and students: JetBrains does offer free individual licenses for students and faculty members.

Cost of individual subscriptions: Individual subscriptions of JetBrains IDEA Ultimate are $150 USD for the first year, $120 USD for the second year, and then $90 USD/year thereafter (see JetBrains website for up-to-date pricing).

Alternatives: Folks who cannot afford JetBrains subscriptions will need to make due with the community edition or one of the alternative free Java IDE options.

Sad to hear, however Jetbrains provides a perpetual license for any product that you have currently, has that also been revoked by the new license terms?

Sad, the community edition has a bunch of missing key features, probably time to go back to Eclipse.

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@wyclif actually Visual Studio Code,, would be a good alternative, with Java Support over Eclipse :slight_smile: I tend to use it when I am on the road and need to conserve battery as I work

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It’s sad to hear indeed.

And here is the Java pack for Visual Studio Code -

Thanks @ssmusoke! Will give it a try and compare.

Din’t know that

For any student/faculty devs out there who may need a license, do check this out, Jetbrains provides free licenses for all current students and faculty. It’s as easy as signing up with you university email id.

Good point, @reubenv. I’ve updated the original post to mention this option.

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I know it’s nowhere as cool as IntelliJ, but I always used Eclipse (I know, the dinosaur IDE, heavy) and you know what? It’s ‘ok’. It’s heavy as h*ll but does everything you might think of.

But I admit that it’s not my most cutting edge side :wink:

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Great, thanks! :slight_smile: