FOSSASIA 2016 Event Recap & Discussion

Hi everyone! Over the past week, @maany, @sunbiz, & I attended FOSSASIA 2016 in Singapore. This topic is a general recap & discussion about some of the things there. If you have comments or things to add, or questions, feel free to reply here!

Interesting Non-FOSSASIA meetings included:

  • OMRS16 planning at SMU (dates TBA)
  • Multiple venue visits for OMRS16 hackathon
  • Singapore education & service provider strategy brainstorming with Adam Chee
  • Education, training, certification in Singapore with General Assembly & Nodeschool organizers
  • Chocolate & cheese buffet on top of Marina Bay Sands hotel :stuck_out_tongue: ok, not really much of a meeting


  • We have volunteered to help organize a health/med/bio track for next year’s event and hope that OpenMRS has a big part in it!
  • Let us know if you’d like to volunteer to help find & recruit speakers for the track (date & time TBA)


I’d like to help out best I can :heart: