Formbuilder shows the following error related to ng2-openmrs formentry.

I am trying to build the ng2-openmrs formbuilder from github.It’s uses the formentry as dependency upon ng-serve it’s show the following error.Can Ampath team help us out why this happening thanks. ERROR in Metadata version mismatch for module /Users/applemacbook/Documents/Sprint5/ng2-openmrs-formbuilder/node_modules/ng2-openmrs-formentry/node_modules/ngx-bootstrap/collapse/index.d.ts, found version 4, expected 3, resolving symbol FormEntryModule in /Users/applemacbook/Documents/Sprint5/ng2-openmrs-formbuilder/node_modules/ng2-openmrs-formentry/dist/form-entry/form-entry.module.d.ts, resolving symbol FormEntryModule in /Users/applemacbook/Documents/Sprint5/ng2-openmrs-formbuilder/node_modules/ng2-openmrs-formentry/dist/form-entry/form-entry.module.d.ts, resolving symbol FormEntryModule in /Users/applemacbook/Documents/Sprint5/ng2-openmrs-formbuilder/node_modules/ng2-openmrs-formentry/dist/form-entry/form-entry.module.d.ts

Oh a side note, did you try out the bahmni form builder?

Thanks,I have try it out.We are using Angular2 and this formbuilder also using also Angular2.It was working fine but some how it shows error.I am looking for ampath developer view on this why it’s showing this error.

@jdick does any one on your team have a response to this? I have also created a group named AMPATH such that we can easily mention your team. I have made you the owner of the group. Can you add members to it?

I will discuss with the team.

How do i add members to the ampath group?

@dkayiwa can you add me to the AMPATH group too as we would like to use the form builder

@jdick Could you point me to the best person to help get me up and running with the form builder - my payback for the time invested will be in documentation :wink:

@jdick do you see the “Add Members” button here?

@ssmusoke it is a talk group for those who work for AMPATH. Just like we have Soldevelo, BandaHealth, PIH, etc

@dkayiwa Got you - thought it was like the #implementing #dev on the WIKI … These things bambi are too much for my little :face_with_head_bandage:

@ssmusoke, we are very close to have a virtualbox set up that is a replica of ampath’s environment, making it easy to test drive features we have developed. This should be completed by end of week. (Note you will need Vagrant and Virtual Box) .

We do not have any experience working with OWAs or integrating with the ref app. I think our hope would be that you could test drive in this environment. We can then move forward from there in figuring out how you might integrate into the ref app.


@jdick Just checking in if there is any progress update

Can you please share the link of vagrant box?