"Form test" family

We have a bunch of tests namely: AddFormTest EditFormTest DeleteFormTest which are ignored due to moving form functionalities. I’m trying to understand if and in which way we can recover them. To my understanding, in the past the tests went to Configure Metadata app, then they added/deleted/edited the form. When we get to MangeForm I can’t see any possibility to add/delete form (see the screenshot). How can we add/delete/edit form? Thank you

Hi Domenico,

The UI workflow here is a bit convoluted.

You need to create a form from the legacy UI first (either via HTML Form Entry or XForms), and then it will show up in this list, with an Add link in the UI column.

You can:

  1. go to the advanced admin screen
  2. Manage HTML Forms
  3. Add HTML Form
  4. Give it a name, version, and encounter type, and save
  5. then go back to the Configure Metadata -> Manage Forms UI

Thank you very much, I will try to fix the tests :slight_smile: I also created an issue, for the ones that might be interested in.