Form schema does not affect XForm design

Application Name: Reference Application Version Number: 2.0.1

Question: I am setting up a new OpenMRS installation and am trying to set up XForms for the first time. I am following the user guide on the wiki. I set up my form schema the way I want with observations and concepts, save the form, and then click “Design XForm” to launch the Xform window for that form. In the XForm designer, I see a form with the same name as the form I created, but no visible relation to the schema I created. Instead I start with a default form containing only patient information and a relationship picker. If I add new questions to this form, it does not seem possible to bind them to my existing concepts. If I save this form, the schema I have created is ignored. Do you have any idea what might be causing this? Let me know if there is any specific debugging information that would be helpful. I really appreciate your help! This software is amazing and exactly what our free clinic needs. I hope we can contribute to the OpenMRS community in the future.

@nedhenry you will need to first add form fields or concepts to the form schema before clicking the “Design XForm” link. The form schema screen looks like this:

After you have added them, you will finally click the “Design XForm” link which will take you to the form designer from which you will right click any item under “Form Fields” and select “Refresh” from the menu that pops up. That way, all the new fields will show up ready to be dragged and dropped to the form design surface.

Many thanks! This resolved my issue. I am not entirely sure why it was not working for me before, but I think I must have been confused about saving the schema and Xform properly at each step, and refreshing the right element. In any case, the Xforms are working, your directions were very helpful, and I appreciate your time.