Form conditions not validated from CSV Upload

Problem In a observation form, if a concept “B” is shown/hidden as per value provided in concept “A” and in the template if we provide value for Concept “B” but keep concept “A” blank then, on the UI under view mode in display control it will show value for concept B but in edit mode it won’t show any value.

This is again because the data validation that is performed on the UI is surpassed when we use CSV upload and it’s a direct database insertion. This is leading to invalid data entry/inconsistency on the information shown.

Below images shows that edit page is loading correctly and hiding the data based on form conditions. But in view page all uploaded data is visible.

Possible Solution Approach 1: To solve this problem we want to add a new service in bahmni-java-utils repo, which will read the form conditions and validate the CSV data before upload it to the db. Hence skipping any erroneous data entry. Concern with this approach is that it might slow the upload process.

Approach 2: We give a CSV validate button which user can use to check any corrections in CSV data that needs to be done before uploading.

We need Community input on this, please point us to any other possible or existing solution for this.

CC: @angshuonline @vmalini @pratibhasagar @vinisha @shivarachakonda @buvaneswariarun