Form Builder enhancements


We are planning to take up the form builder enhancements that are listed in

Please provide your comments and concerns.

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Google sheets are lousy in terms of commenting! would it be better to just put as line items in a doc instead?

Sure @angshuonline. Changed it to Google doc and added more details.


We have identified some additional defects with form builder. Please find the same in

Please provide your comments and concerns.

Can you enable sharing with comment access?

Please check now.

We have created a separate talk for creating a table layout in form builder - Table layout in Form Builder. Please provide your comments

As part of discussions in PAT call, we were asked to upgrade the REACT version used. We will also take up this task as part of the enhancements.

Currently, we are moving to react 15.6 as react 16 is not supported by react-intl package

Is there any replacement library?