Form behaves differently on Observation and Visit Page - does not show Notes

  1. Implementer’s interface - Designed a form with Image Concept, “Add More”, “Notes” and “Same Line” enabled.
  2. Clinical->Consultation->Observation->Add Form->Select the newly designed form -> shows both image and notes (right side of the image shown below)
  3. Modify extension.json as mentioned here to display this form on visit page.
  4. Registration->Patient Search->Select Patient->Visit Details->Image shows without Notes. (left side of the image shown below)

Is there any config setting through ConceptSetUI?

Bahmni Version - 0.90. Will debug for more details.

No settings are required in app.json for Forms2 forms. Can you set this up in the demo?

I created a form named “Case Details” on demo site. Could you please point me to the correct documentation to set this up without modifying extension.json for the form to appear on visit page? As this explains modifying extension.json.

Sorry didn’t get to test it. The demo site gets reset. However, I tried it on

Check “Test Doc Upload” form. Both in observation and registration second page. Can’t seem to replicate the error you reported.

Thank you for setting up Test Doc Upload form. But it uses Document concept whereas we have used Image.

So we added Image on Test Doc Upload. As shown in below it behaves differently on Visit and Observation Page. On the Observation page the Notes text area appear after image gets uploaded but on the visit page the Notes text area does not appear even after image gets uploaded.

So for a form that goes on visit page should we not use image concept as it behaves differently for image?

I created the concept with class as “Misc” and set it as complex obs, with an image handler. I will try to debug why this is happening with class as “image”.

IMHO, OpenMRS concept class is sort of meta info for representation for the question/answer. like test, diagnosis, finding, symptom, specimen etc. I am not particularly fond of how Bahmni has used this metadata in some cases (e.g. “Concept Class”)

I would probably define it finding (or misc) and set the datatype as complex handler for Image.

Of course you are free to define the class as you wish.