forking a repository on GitHub

when i click the fork button on github, it becomes disabled and when i move the cusour over it, it brings a message stating thatcannot fork this repository because you own this repository and are not a member of any organisations what should i do guys:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

Are you sure you havent yet forked that repo on your own account ??

it seems you already forked it.

Had you been a member of any other org , it would give you the option of forking the repo to that other organisation repo

yeah @jnsereko it seems you have already forked the repo. Clicking once will fork i guess

i have never beena amember of any othe organisation

the button doesn’t allow me to click again. So even if i click on it again it doesent work.

which repo are trying to fork ,and from where?? can i have your github account name to check ??

this simply means you have forked and the next step is cloning

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ok @herbert24 thank you so much :hugs::hugs:

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