For students thinking about GSoC 2015

Hi everyone. I know many university students are thinking about mid-year and Google Summer of Code. Right now, organizations have not yet begun to apply to participate in Google Summer of Code 2015, so we don’t know if we’ll be involved again this year or not. (But we hope we are!) We have been accepted to participate this year, so read this information!

You can still gain an advantage in the selection process. The (not-so secret) secret? Get involved today.

If you’re not already involved in OpenMRS development, head to and read all of the information there, then start working on some introductory JIRA issues.

Once you’ve done some of those, try to get involved with a sprint if you have time.

Hang out in IRC every day.

Get to know the potential mentors for this year’s GSoC. The more they’re familiar with you and your work, the more likely they are to be confident in your proposal.

Also, and maybe most importantly, look at our GSoC 2015 wiki page and read it all, especially the section called “Be a Successful Applicant”.

As always, ask your questions here on Talk, on IRC, or on our developers mailing list. We look forward to volunteering with you over the coming months!


Potential students: Keep an eye on our GSoC 2015 page! We have applied for GSoC in 2015, and our potential ideas and mentors are rapidly being added here: